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Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 12pm-6pm

Wednesday: 12pm-6pm

Thursday: 12pm-6pm

Friday: 12pm-6pm

Saturday: 12pm-6pm

Sunday:  CLOSED

The STEMbassadors IDEA Center is a permanent location that offers marginalized youth and the community opportunities to bridge their education with innovation. By offering career pathways, students get the chance to partner with local businesses and community members.



The IDEA Center operates on a membership structure, meaning that to access the facility you must purchase a membership or day pass. You can also purchase a seat in any of the offered classes which will admit you to the space without any fees beyond what is charged by an instructor.

Although we would someday love to become a free, public resource, we do not currently posses the financial resources required to do so.

The STEMbassadors are working hard to secure grant funding from local school districts and other organizations in order to provide scholarships for as many students and community members as possible.

If you would like to support our mission to make the IDEA Center more accessible, please consider donating.

Class Pass


Class Passes are required for visitors who are not on a day pass or membership to participate in a class.

- Access for the duration of the class only.

Available for purchase in person.

Day Pass

A Day Pass grants you access to the space for the whole day and eliminates the need for a Class Pass.

- Access for the whole day.

- No Class Pass needed

Available for purchase in person.




Memberships grant unlimited access to the space during any of our operating hours.​

- Unlimited Access

- No Class Pass Needed

- Ideal for frequent users.

- Family plans available

Available for purchase online.

(Best Value)

Staff lead classes (from Jaelen H.) are always free with the purchase of a pass or for members. Volunteer and community lead classes however will cost an Instructor Fee as well. Prices are listed under each offering on the calendar.


Heads Up!

Scholarship Options

Option 1

I will pay the $100.00 monthly fee and continue to attend the IDEA Center.

Option 2

I will accept a $50.00 monthly scholarship and will pay a $50.00 monthly fee to continue to attend the IDEA Center.

Option 3

I will accept a $100.00 monthly scholarship and continue to attend the IDEA Center.

No one will ever be denied access to the IDEA Center due to financial need. We are eager to support you on your creative and entrepreneurial path. Having said that, in order to continue providing IDEA Center resources to the community, we need support from members who are able to contribute. Thank you for working with us to keep the IDEA Center going.



Fiber Laser
Fiber Laser

40 Watt fiber laser engraving machine. Perfect for any metal engraving applications.

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CO2 Lasers
CO2 Lasers

2 Large format light object laser cutters - 130 and 160 Watts. We also have a third laser (beambox pro - 60 Watt) not depicted here.

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CNC Router
CNC Router

Large format CNC Router ideal for any wood or plastic carving jobs. Currently waiting on waste board installation.

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DTG Printer
DTG Printer

Roland HB/BT-12 DTG Printer. Great for printing directly onto any light colored fabrics for shirts, bags, etc.

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Sublimation Printer and Heat Press
Sublimation Printer and Heat Press

Sawgrass SG-500 sublimation printer and heat press. Incredibly versatile technology allowing you to print on wood, metal, ceramics, and some fabrics.

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Vinyl Cutter
Vinyl Cutter

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter. Perfect tool for creating simple but robust designs on T-shirts or for stickers.

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3D Printing
3D Printing

Bank of 4 Prusa MK3 and MK3S 3D printers. PLA only, great for prototyping and model making.

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Catch up with IDEA Center activities on our forum thread!

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