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Professional Development

STEMbassadors typically provides annual trainings where we help educators integrate STEM based curriculum and introduce them to the operation of STEM technology. These professional development sessions are critical to ensuring the success of our SPARK Cart technologies in the hands of educators.


An Overview

4 3-day sessions

On June 16th 2021, STEMbassadors completed our 4th annual 3 day professional development for teachers.

30 Teachers 5 Districts

Since our inception in 2017 our total impact is now 30 teachers fully trained, from 5 school districts.

15 SPARK Carts

We have implemented 15 “SPARK Carts” outfitted with CNC and 3D printers into classrooms in Ventura, Oxnard, and Santa Barbara.


Teachers are integrating maker technologies in grades K-12 and are using them in diverse applications ranging from print making to geological topography studies. Young learners who might never have been granted the opportunity to interact with powerful creative technologies like 3D printing and CNC routing are now being given the chance to explore creative learning.

These trainings have provided access to thousands of students, and have made a serious impact on the democratization of creative capabilities in the classroom.

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