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Using an open source face shield design, developed by PRUSA Research, STEMbassadors and its partners sent PPE around the globe.

PRUSA Research 3d Printed RC3 Protective Face Shield 

Rubber band strap: connector specifications

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Thank you Josef Prusa for your world contribution!


Reaching the World

Using an open source face shield design, STEMbassadors was able provide support to nine countries on four continents.

Community Partners

We are so thankful to our community for coming together in a time of need. We would not be able to be building and donating masks of this volume without your generous contributions. We are doing our best to keep this list updated. Please contact us if we need to add your name.

Community supporters:


American Plastics

Crane Country Day School

Dave Signs

Matter Hackers

Fastsigns of Ventura

Hardworking Capital

Matt Guzzo, Simi Valley USD





Poseidon Brewery

Ventura Unified School District

Dave and Emma Armstrong

Alison Neill

Sabina Funke

Brianna, Oxnard Staples

3D printing team:

Eva Cherry, STEMbassador-trained teacher

Tory Kittlinger, STEMbassador-trained teacher

Ryan Oas, STEMbassador-trained teacher

Allie Quiroz, STEMbassador-trained teacher

Bruce Quaal, Sloan LED

Bruce Nebens, Santa Susana High School

Nick Winters, SB Hackerspace

Jim Bailey, Rock Tree Sky

Casey Murphy, Rock Tree Sky

Negative Engraving

Sessa Manufacturing

FRC Team 4414 HighTide

Brandon Bowles

Lance Riley

Keith Braney

Tony Winter

Lauren Johnson

Ethan Rae

Fred Johnson

Katie Barry

Geoffrey Frankl

Scott Collins

Aaron Salazar

Scot Rabe

Phil Hampton

Mack Fixler

Ryan Beattie

Nick Winters

Todd Smith

The Sheshunoff Family

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