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Professional Development

Annual trainings where we help educators integrate STEM based curriculum  and introduce them to the operation of STEM technology.



STEMbassadors continually develops new versions of STEM technology with the goal of simplifying usage and expanding accessibility.


The IDEA Center (coming soon)

The latest development in our activities. The IDEA center will be a dedicated community center for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Art.


About Us

STEMbassadors was founded in 2017 by a group of middle and high school students intent on providing opportunities in the fields of Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Art. Since then, this student-led non-profit organization has expanded to over 15 members from all across the county, and has impacted over 4,200 K-12 students.

Our Work

A gallery of some of our projects and accomplishments.

IDEA Center

Launching in 2022, STEMbassadors aims to create a permanent location that offers marginalized youth the opportunity to bridge their education with innovation. By offering career pathways, students get the chance to partner with local businesses and community members.



STEMbassadors is a 501c3 nonprofit. With your help, we will continue to bring world-class resources and opportunities to under-resourced communities and schools. Please support our mission with a tax-deductible donation to STEMbassadors Inc.


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